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Offer care coordination services to your employees as part of your health and wellness benefits. No employee minimums, start with 1 employee.

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At doctr, we provide

Easy and Convenient Healthcare

Our mission is to simplify access to health services in Canada.

walk-in clinic

Simple booking system

No need to spend countless hours trying to secure an appointment

chat with care coordinator

Chat with real humans

Our team of care coordinators will assist you in booking appointments

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Here for your loved ones

Get medical appointments for family members and loved ones

How it works

Book appointments swiftly with Doctr

book medical appointment

1. Open a new request on Doctr

Easy and quick to open a request for multiple services.

book medical appointment 24h

2. We do our magic 🌟

Our team of care coordinators and liaison nurses will book the appointment for you.

medical appointment confirmed

3. You are all set !

You are all set up to go to your appointment. Check out our guides on how to get the best out of your medical appointment.

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